Your Mocksville Firefighters Training to Better Serve the Community

The week of October 23rd was a busy week for the Mocksville Fire Department. The department was lucky enough to access the old Davie County High School during demolition. Mocksville Fire Deparment and the school system teamed up to allow firefighters the use of two of buildings before they were demolished. This facility provided a great location for the firefighters to practice search drills, hose advancement, ladder techniques, and firefighter down drills. The department took full advantage of the grounds and were able to train for a total of 15 hours that week.

Firefighters practiced advancing hose down long halls and around different rooms. They also practiced skills necessary to rescue trapped civilians and firefighters. Your Mocksville Firefighters were even able to work with Smith Grove Fire Department, Cornantzer Dulin Fire Department, and County Line Fire Department to grow the working relationship with our neighbors. Mocksville Fire Department would like to extend our complete gratitude for the school system for allowing this training to occur.

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