Vacant Structure Fire Response 11/30/2017

On 11/30/2017 the Mocksville Fire Department, along with mutual aid from the Smith Grove Fire Department, Fork Fire Department, and Davie County Fire Marshals Office responded to a structure fire at a vacant house on Railroad Street in Mocksville. Upon arrival fire conditions were visible from the exterior of the structure. Under command of Firefighter Cameron Chappell, Mocksville Engine 2201 established a connection to the hydrant and members from all of the departments began an interior and exterior attack of the structure. The fire was contained to the abandoned structure and was quickly extinguished. There were occupied homes very close to this structure that were not only saved, but had no damage, due to the rapid response and teamwork shown by all of the departments. The total on scene time was around 3 hours from start to finish. This fire had the potential to extend into other structures, cause harm to the structural integrity of the house, and cause injury to the firefighters both inside and out. As a safety officer, I am excited to report that there were no injuries on the fire ground.

Each Fire Department within Davie County relies on mutual aid from other departments for manpower, technical expertise, and equipment. This event may not have been as successful without the assistance provided by the Smith Grove Fire Department, Fork Fire Department, and Davie County Fire Marshals Office. We would also like to thank the other departments who provided auxiliary aid. The Mocksville Police Department kept the scene secure and safe, Davie County EMS who provided medical standby and monitoring of all personnel on the scene, and the Davie County Rescue Squad who provided district coverage for other medical calls during our event.

For more information about this event, please contact the Mocksville Fire Department.

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