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Welcome to the Mocksville Fire Department Website!

We hope our website provides citizens of the Mocksville community with access to the most up-to-date information regarding the Fire Department. If you have a question about burning, hydrants, etc, checkout our Frequently Asked Questions page. Are you interested in applying for a job or volunteering? Checkout our Join Us page. If your curious about who is in the department, check out our Members page which displays our leadership, paid staff, and volunteers.

You can see our blog below, or by selecting the blog link at the top of the webpage. To the right is our call run report. To view more details about the calls we run, checkout the full report.

Our Mission Statement:

The Mocksville Fire Department Members dedicate ourselves to the protection of our community’s quality of life through fire suppression, emergency medical care and hazardous materials response. We further strive to reduce losses from these events through community education, constant quality training and education.

Mocksville Fire News

Lumber Yard Fire

Friday October 28 at approximately 0430 hrs the Mocksville Fire Department with automatic aid from County Line VFD and Center VFD was dispatched to a possible building fire at 127 Buck Seaford Rd. E2201 arrived on scene at the Seaford Lumber Company to find a very large fire involving wood pallets and scrap processed wood of various shapes and sizes, the pile was 150' x 100' and 30' high. There was also a pile of sawdust about 300' x 300' and 50' tall involved with exposure of a large tub grinder and knuckle boom. No buildings were involved. Two additional departments were called by the Officer of E2201 for tankers and manpower. The initial operation began as protecting the exposures until they could be moved away by employees, once the equipment was moved a suppression operation was started. The fire occurred in a rural water area of MFD district, [...]

October 28th, 2016|

Structure Fire 10/8/2016

MFD along with automatic aid from Station 15 Fork & Cornatzer Station 19 were dispatched to a reported structure fire at a local industry. Station 18 County Line also responded to the scene for RIT standby, DCEMS stood by with ALS unit. DCFM arrived to find a fire in a large dryer inside the plant. E2201 arrived and established water supply; crews went interior to extinguish and check for extension. L22 was staged on scene. The fire was contained to the dryer, the product was removed and taken outside the building to complete extinguishment. No other actions were taken, scene was left with plant personnel.

October 8th, 2016|

Compactor Fire 10/7/2016

On 10-7-16 MFD was dispatched to a possible dumpster fire at a poultry processing plant. Upon arrival crews found a large compactor on fire away from the building. The dumpster was filled with trash, cooking oil and other materials. 2200 established command and ordered crews to keep the exterior of the container cool and allowed interior products to burn off. Once fire had consumed the majority of contents, the rest was dumped out and extinguished. A blanket of Class A foam was applied to smoldering remains. Left scene with plant personnel for cleanup.

October 7th, 2016|

MVA Entrapment 9/28/2016

On 9-28-16 Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a traffic accident with injury. MFD E-2201 arrived to find a two car T-Bone type collision with one car on it's side and two people entrapped. MFD members set up struts to stabilize the vehicle and once stabilized removed the front windshield and flapped open the roof to gain access to the patients. Patients were removed and placed in care of DCEMS.

September 28th, 2016|

Structure Fire 3/12/2016

On Saturday March 12, 2016 Mocksville Fire Department with mutual aid from Fork VFD was dispatched to a possible structure fire at an industrial site. Upon arrival Asst.Chief 2210 established command and reported nothing visible from outside of a large industruial facility. Plant personnel reporting an odor of smoke on 5th floor. Crews entered with plant maintenance and located a fire inside of a silo on 5th floor. E2205 established water supply and standpipe was pumped to supplied to attack lines on the 5th floor. L22 was set up for emergency egress and possible fire attack. The fire was extinguished and declared under control. During rehab and recovery a support staff firefighter experiance medical issue and injury on the 5th floor from a fall. Immediate first aid was administered by on scene fire fighters and Command requested additional aid from Smith Grove Fire Dept. and Davie County Rescue. DC [...]

March 12th, 2016|

Structure Fire 3/9/2016

On 3/29/16 Mocksville Fire Department with mutual aid from Center Station 13 & County Line Station 18 was dispatched to a structure fire on County Home Rd outside of Mocksville. E2205 arrived to find a single story residential structure 50% involved. An 800' 5" supply line was laid to the nearest hydrant. Due to low hydrant flow and low manpower additional tankers and manpower were called for by Command. An exterior attack was made to knock down main body of fire; once on scene manpower was sufficient an interior attack was made on the remaining fire. The fire was controlled and extinguished; cause of the fire investigated by DC FMO.

March 9th, 2016|

Structure Fire 1/11/2016

On 1-11-16 Mocksville Fire responded to a reported structure fire at the KFC on Yadkinville Rd. E2201 arrived to find smoke coming from the interior of the building and the restaurant evacuated. MFD crews went inside to find a fryer on fire in the kitchen. A quick knockdown was made on the fire limiting damage to the building. Crews laddered the building and checked for extension. nding none, the incident was declared under control with no injuries. DC FMO investigated the fire determining it to be an equipment failure.

January 11th, 2016|

Structure Fire 10/15/2015

On 10/15/15 at 0803 hrs Mocksville Fire was dispatched with mutual aid from Smith Grove VFD to a possible structure fire in the area of 1300 N. Main St. MFD E2201 arrived to find heavy smoke coming from a single story ranch style house. Smith Grove E2401 arrived and laid 200' of LDH supply to E2201. MFD personnel stretched a 1.75" handline to the front door on the "A" side. Personnel entered the "A" side to find heavy smoke and high heat conditions. Interior crews withdrew to perform outside ventilation through windows while a second 1.75" line was stretched to the "C" side and the fire was attacked through a sliding glass rear door where the fire had vented itself. Once the fire was knocked down crews entered again from the "A" side to complete extinguishment and perform a primary search which was negative. The fire was brought under [...]

October 15th, 2015|

Vehicle Fire 7/8/2015

On 7/8/15 Mocksville Fire was dispatched to assist Center VFD with a vehicle fire. E2205 arrived to find a working fire. MFD crew stretched a 1-3/4" attack line and extinguished the fire. Center VFD Tanker 1305 arrived and stood by for water supply and assisted with traffic control. Call was completed, no other actions required.

July 8th, 2015|

Mr. James Kelly (Retired)

The members of Mocksville Fire Department and citizens of Mocksville would like to thank Mr. James E. Kelly for his dedicated service to the department, the Town of Mocksville and all citizens of Davie County. Mr. Kelly has retired from his duities with the Fire Department after 54.05 years of dedicated service. Mr. Kelly has held many ranks within the department from firefighter, Captain, Safety Officer, Battalion Chief and also served as Fire Chief from 1989-1995. His leadership and knowlege will be greatly missed but through his example of service and dedication we will continue to strive to provide the best service we can. On Monday Sept. 12, 2016 members of Mocksville Fire Dept. hosted an appreciation dinner for Mr. James Kelly for his 50 plus years of dedicated service. Mr. Kelly was given a shadow box that held his badges, name plates and turnout coat name plate [...]

July 31st, 2012|
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