On 1/28/2018 the Mocksville Fire Department (Station 22) was dispatched for a structure fire off of E Lexington Rd. Chief Carter arrived on scene to find a 1 story outbuilding with turbulent grey smoke showing from the alpha side. Chief Carter upgraded the incident to a working fire and established command. E2201 arrived on the scene and created a forward lay from the blue hydrant located at E Lexington Rd and Mill st, closing E Lexington Rd east bound. 1501 arrived on the scene and staged at the intersection of Depot st and E Lexington Rd, closing E Lexington Rd west bound. The initial attack began with a 1 3/4″ cross lay pulled from E2201. A second 1 3/4″ line was pulled from the rear of E2201 to assist with the attack. Command then requested Station 18 provide district coverage via a company transfer, and E1801 responded. DCEMS unit 34 arrived on scene and staged off of E Lexington Rd and established rehab/medical monitoring. The fire was quickly controlled and salvage/overhaul began. A decon station was setup at the rear of E2201. A foam operation was then conducted using class A foam and a propak to prevent a rekindle. As personnel returned from the attack team, they were first sent to decon and then medical monitoring. MPD and the DCFMO was notified that it appeared to be an arson case. Both MPD and DCFMO arrived on scene and began an investigation. After clean up was conducted, all equipment and apparatus were placed back in service. We are pleased to report that no one was injured on the scene.

The Mocksville Fire Department would like to thank all of the assisting agencies for their support!